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Tapis roulant area

Learning to ski in a field populated by cute inflatable animals, with paths, colorful small arches and signs is easy but also and above all, great fun!

The supervision of the instructors of the Ski and Snowboard School of Santa Caterina Valfurva guarantees safety and constant monitoring of the young skiers while a tapis roulant takes them up to the top before going down along the easy slope, the scene of their first skiing.

Parents can enjoy skiing up in the mountains, feel calm and be sure that the ski lessons of their children give them a chance to spend a joyful couple of hours.

Winter 2017/2018

from 8.40 a.m. to 16.20 p.m.

Ticket for 4 hours € 7,00
Daily ticket € 10.00
Free entrance for the owner of the skipass

INFO: Società Impianti S.Caterina - 0342.925116 -

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