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Nordic walking

Nordic Walking is a new and fabulous sport that is quickly spreading through mountain lovers. It is a walk that involves 90% of the muscles of our body and can be practiced with the help of sticks.

Nordic walking is a simple and effective way to better improve our physical condition and is a fun and relaxing opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Afternoon trips in the woods of Santa Caterina Valfurva are organized every week, according to the training of the participants:

  • Uscita benessere (basic walk).
  • Uscita fitness (walk with aerobic training)
  • Uscita sport (advanced level exercises)


Four tracks from the centre of S.Caterina Valfurva:

Track Isola: easy (2.25 km)
Track Nassegno: easy (2.16 km)
Track La Sella: medium level (2.14 km)
Track La Romantica: difficult  (1.13 km)

Nordic Walking Park map

INFO: S.Caterina Tourist Office - +39 0342.935544 -

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