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Our champions

Marco Confortola – Free climber and alpine guide
"Every time I leave my valley, I suffer. I never really leave it, even when I am thousands of miles away, even when I am on the highest peaks of the world and every time I come back, my heart is open"

Deborah Compagnoni – Olympic alpine skiing champion
"Santa Caterina is a jewel of nature, a place untouched by the distant city life. It is a world apart, quiet and hospitable and I love to return there with my family. I look forward to meeting you there!"

Pietro Vitalini – Former member of the Italian downhill team
"I was born here, and it is well known that the place where one grows up is the most beautiful in the world. When traveling I realized that Valfurva really is an oasis of peace where you can breathe calmness and find the perfect environment to practice sports."

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