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La Valle dei Forni e la Val Cedec

A wonderful path that leads to the shelter Forni, near the Forni glacier starts 5 km  from Santa Caterina. 
The main attractions of this interesting walk are majestic peaks of the Ortles Cevedale mountains and marmots that can be often seen just outside their burrows. 
After a first stop at the shelter  Branca, you can go to the shelter Pizzini and keep on walking  towards the shelter Casati. The path is near the river Cedec and among alpine meadows from where you can spot herds of chamois on the cliffs above. 
Once you reach the shelter Pizzini you can witness the wonderful spectacle of the Gran Zebru' and Cevedale peaks.


La Val Zebrù

Of all the valleys in the Stelvio National Parl, the Val Zebrù is the one with the greatest concentration of ungulates (deer chamoise and ibex). 
Reach the town Madonna dei Monti and leave your car continue on the dirt road at the bottom of the valley that crosses the river Zebrù several times. Reach the shelter Campo and, later, the Baita del Pastor. You can reach the shelter V Alpini from where you can view a stunning panorama.


La Valle del Gavia e il sentiero del bivacco Battaglion Monte Ortles

The starting point of this excursion  is the shelter Berni,  10 km from Santa Caterina on the road towards the Gavia mountain pass. 
Cross the bridge Alpini and climb among the rocks and moraines towards the valley of the river Dosegù. Sometimes herds of chamoise and ibex can be seen in the distance while they are crossing the snowfields. 
Once arriving at the shelter, you can see the remains of the military barracks of the First World War and admire a beautiful panorama.


Pian delle marmotte – sentiero La Romantica         

The Romantica is one of the most beautiful and easy paths of Santa Caterina Valfurva.
The path, originally in the shade of conifers, goes up until the meadows and rhododendron fields. Along the way you may meet squirrels, deers and the wildlife that populate the area and if you are lucky enough you can admire the eagle or the gipeto.
Reach the peack Dosso Tresero from where you can see the whole valley and Santa Caterina Valfurva.


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