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10 experience to do in the 2017

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New year is begininnig, ten experience to do in Santa Caterina Valfurva:

1) Fat Bike Tour, It's an electric bike tour.
An alternative and beautiful way to enjoy the view, while you are riding bicicle.

2) Ski Alp...the ideal month to do this sport is March, the days are longer, snow is soft and Forni Valley is magic.

3) If Ski Alp is too demanding, it's possible to do snowshoe walking:

4) Bike is a "evergreen", and during summer like winter it's possible enjoy the view and the shelters in MTB.

5) Instead if your passion is ride a bicicle on the road, you can' t lost to do ascend to Gavia Pass, traditional trail of "Giro D' Italia".

6) Night skiing is sure an experience to do, especially because on skiing on "Deborah Compagnoni" slope.

7) Valfurva is famous for her peaks,for a mountain lover is inevitable to climb one of those.
The MUST is to climb "13 Cime".

8) Thanks to cold temperature in Santa Caterina, there is an open and natural ice rink,  ice skating with the sun in face or with stars above is very beautiful and enchanting.

9) Cross - ski country in Santa Caterina Valfurva is unmissable, we have one of the most beautiful itinerary with her 15 km.

10) The "Giro del Confinale" is an enchanting, loop tour in the middle of Parco Nazionale Dello Stelvio. Excursion who connect "Zebrù Valley" to "Forni Valley".  

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