Huts and Restaurants

In the Forni Glacier Valley  – Ortles Cevedale Group – Cedec Valley

  • Rifugio Stella Alpina
    Status: closed
    The rifugio is located on the paved road connecting S.Caterina to Rifugio Forni, about 3km.  Reachable by foot from S.Caterina in about 50 minutes.
    The road is passable from march until november and it’s required to buy a daily pass 5€ .
    – services: bar, restaurant and possibility to stay overnight
    cell. 331 6676177 –  371 4343425
  • Rifugio Forni 2000
    Status: closed
    The hut can be reached from S.Caterina by foot in about 1.
    The road is transitable from March until November by paying a ticket fee of € 5,00.
    – services : bar, restaurant and possibility to stay overnight.
    cell. 329 8920668 –  tel. fisso 0342 935365
  • Rifugio Branca
    Status: closed
    Located at 2.487 mt of altitude and can be reached by the vehicular road  (from Rifugio Forni approx. 1 hour walk) or by the lower or higher glaciological trails.
    tel. 0342 935501
  • Rifugio Pizzini
    Status: closed
    The hut, in Val Cedec at 2.700 mt altitude, can be reached from the Forni in about 1.30 hours walk. During summer a jeep taxi service is available.
    tel. fisso 0342 935513  – cell.340 8946284
  • Rifugio Casati
    Status: closed
    Situated in Val Cedec at 3.200 mt altitude, in the Ortles Cevedale group,  surrounded by the glacier’s snow, is ideal for glacier crossing and climbing with an alpine guide.  Follow the directions from the Rifugio Forni; about 3.30 hours walk or by the jeep transfer that will bring you to the Rifugio Pizzini.
    tel. 0342 1856578 / cell. 339 4889791
  • Agriturismo Albes
    Status: closed
    The Baita Ables is located at 2.200 mt altitude, on the sunny side above reachable with a 1.30 hour walk from the town center.
    tel. 339 4478529

Inside Val Zebrù:

  • Rifugio Campo
    Status: closed
    Rifugio della Val Zebrù  in the National Parc’s heart. From the Niblogo/Le Fantele parking with a 2 hours walk.
    tel.  3452240772
  • Ristoro La Baita
    Status: closed
    Restaurant in Val Zebrù on the trail towards the Rifugio V Alpini at 1980 mt altitude, from Niblogo/Le Fantele parkings about 1.30 hours walk.
    tel. 0342 1895103
  • Rifugio V Alpini
    Status: closed
    The hut, located at 2.877 mt altitude in the heart of the Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio. The suggested route to follow starts from Niblogo/Fantelle parkings – Madonna dei Monti then continuing uphill following the magnificient landscapes of Val Zebrù (walking time about 4,30 hours).
    tel.  377 2295748

In the valley of Passo Gavia:

  • Rifugio Bonetta
    Status: closed

    Crucial step for the starting trail to conquerer Passo Gavia . The hut is located on the Gavia street at 2.600 mt altitude.
    tel. 0342 945793 / 0364 91806
  • Rifugio Berni
    Status: closed

    one of the rest stops on the Gavia road before facing the trails going towards  mount Tresero, Val Umbrina
  • and the Gavia itself.
    tel. 0342 935456
  • Agriturismo Malga dell’Alpe
    Status: closed

    Summer alpine pasture at 2.300 mt altitude with restaurant services. Can be reached by car following the Gavia road.
    tel. 347 257 0023

Plaghera – Mount Sobretta

  • Paradiso Hotel and Restaurant
    Status: closed 

    hotel and restaurant situated in Plagheira area, accessible by foot as well from Santa Caterina (1 hour walk) or by car along the Passo Gavia road (10 minutes).
    tel. 0342 935417
  • Sci 2000 Restaurant
    Status: Closed

    Restaurant located in Plaghera area, accessible by foot as well from Santa Caterina ( sentiero delle Sorgenti in circa un’ora di cammino) or by car along the Passo Gavia road (10 minutes).
    tel. 333 1403093
  • Palù Restaurant
    Status: closed

    Restaurant located in Plaghera area, near the intermedial stop of the gondola lift S. Caterina – Valle dell’Alpe.
    tel. 347 5154083
  • Sunny Valley Lodge And Restaurant
    Status: closed
    tel. 0342 935422