The magic of a fairytale landscape, the fun of walking on snow ...

Mountain lovers won’t help falling in love with the fairytale winter landscape in Santa Caterina Valfurva.

Snow becomes the absolute protagonist in this period and covers it all, magically embracing the landscape.

Walking in the woods surrounded by fresh snow, and listening to the absolute silence interrupted by chirping birds are simple and intense experiences. Once they touch the heart they leave deep marks.

Trips on foot or with snowshoes allow everyone, both young and elderly, to discover the most hidden and secret corners of our valley. Night trips illuminated by the moon offer everyone the opportunity to get excited in front of the great mystery of nature,  together with our alpine guides.


Always contact the alpine guides in case you want to organise a safe day and/or night trip with the alpine guides. They’ll tell you about the snow situation and the right routes for ski mountaineering trips:

    • ALPINE GUIDES ORTLER CEVEDALE tel. 334 3304229
    • ALPINE GUIDES BORMIO tel. 351 8895411